Visual SuperTree Explorer

About the Software

The Visual SuperTree Explorer is a desktop java tool that uses a multi-scale tree metaphor to explore similarity relationships on multidimensional data. Data elements are visualized as small nodes on the hierarchy, where similar elements are grouped on the same neighborhood. Nodes can also represent groups of similar elements (Supernodes), visualized as big circles. Supernodes can be used to create additional similarity trees, allowing a controlled and multi-scale inspection of the data. The tool can also be used to create mosaics of image and text, that are convenient to summarize and guide the exploration of data sets.


DA SILVA, RENATO R. O.; PAIVA, JOSÉ GUSTAVO S.; TELLES, GUILHERME P.; ZAMPIERI, CARLOS E. A.; ROLLI, FÁBIO P.; MINGHIM, ROSANE. The Visual SuperTree: similarity-based multi-scale visualization. THE VISUAL COMPUTER (INTERNET) (2019). ISSN: 14322315. DOI: 10.1007/s00371-019-01696-5